Blue Flower

During the update of the NEW HRSC, there has been many user accounts Deleted.  If you are a returning member, you need to sign up again, but please send Support a message (can be accessed via your edit your profile page, or by clicking on his icon from Member List). Again my apologize for any inconvience.



I would like to welcome you to what I believe to be the Finest LOCAL Escort oriented website in the Hampton Roads area.  

We would like you to look around, and find your place here!  There is something for everyone and if you can't find it, then use the Forum section and let us know in the suggestions.  We welcome you to give us an honest assessment of the site and what you would like to see that we do not have (YET), or if there is something that is not wanted is taken away.

As of 24 May 2016, we are online, and there is not much activity YET.  Join in and become one of the founders and active member.

Membership is NOT required, but when you are a member you can create your very own proflie and make connections with other members.  Currently membership is FREE, and would like to keep it that way at least for now.  When it becomes necessary to make this a pay site, those who are members at the time (WITH A COMPLETED USER PROFILE) will remain a free member.  If there are any members without profile, they will need to become a paid member.